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Sounds awesome at full song

Such an amazing weapon.

Good stuff once again. 👍

Piotr Barkowski Alexander Gundersen Pål-Are Hareid Kevin Kadu Synnes Andreas Hofseth Ervik

Adin, did you break it??


Jono Davey Lusk

Ray Fellowes

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Photos of the under car surge tank looking for ideas !

It's a live. Thanks guys. Still a little to do. But getting there. Simon Windelborn

Are the power steering mounts available?

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On a positive note, how has everyone been keeping them selves busy on projects during these unfortunate circumstances? If anything it has been a good time to focus on things that have been put aside during the usual busy life! 
Would be great to see everyone’s projects, wether it be car, engineering or work around home post away 👌👍

Comment on Facebook #LOCKDOWN PROJECTS!...

Not rotary powered unfortunately, but a bit different I suppose. It's a BMW E36 Coupe with a modified URAS kit from a Nissan Skyline R33. A long way to go but it's getting there. In Sweden we don't have a lockdown, some are working three days a week due to low levels of production, but I'm still working 5-6 days a week, leaving little time and energy to work kn the project despite it all...

Nearly done. IHI Twinturbo

Ready for start up and tune once I find an alternator, complete new setup

Replaced pressure plate and all new fluids. . Next on list is a decent tune .

Got a heap of work done on my 1200, new alloy radiator fabricated and fitted, new close ratio gearset fitted, test drive this week 👍🏻

Bit of racing clearance...🤬

Bit more progress on the rx7

Nearly finished, just some sides to go

Found time to strip this....

Working on my intank surge tank setup

Left my shocks at work so cant do f all 🤦‍♂️

Ida to fuel injection on the s1 plenty of time

Hello are you aware that your website seems to have crashed. It wont load for me ?

The 121 coming along.... in Wanganui too.

Getting this thing roadworthy as it was last driven at april 1997

Got time to see why i had low compression in the rear rotor, now to put back together and tidy that loom up 👌🏻

I can't add any pics?

Did this too— found the reason for no second gear when downshifting. Selector ring worn down.

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As many may be aware Pulseperformance has been closed since the 25th March due to NZ level 4 lockdown.

Due to the shift to level 3 next Tuesday (28th  April ) we are happy to announce our team will back at the shop resuming normal working hours, 

We will however be operating under level 3 regulation & rules, unfortunately the premises will be closed for walk-ins until further notice.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking feel free to contact us via email or phone ( Details below ) 

We hope everyone is well and safe, hopefully we can resume normality soon!

Phone +64 6 3435033

Comment on Facebook COVID-19 UPDATE: As...

Is that one of them turbo chargers?



Brady Smith

What car is this in???

Keep safe and brap on

Good job guys.


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There's a couple of those things at southward Pretty cool 👌🏼

Evan Annandale

Kevin Webb

Johan Stephan Nel

Jon Roberts 🛵

Degan Wallace

Got a offer to ride one of these last weekend while down in invercargill at the burt munro rally was not going to turn it down, went very well with nice smooth power band, not many around so doubt ill get another chance to ride one again

Thanks Pulse Performance. My hubby is mighty pleased to have the engine back and can't wait to get this puppy running. He is just waiting for the Service Manual to arrive. Once it is going he will put it on display in our store.

interested to know what you can use as I have managed to pick one up thats been sitting since 1991

Mighty motor bike engine

What are those black markings on the wall?

Appreciate your hard work

Mark Thomasen did you no these were made??


Nice pp aswell haha

That’s sooo cool

Raymond Venmore

Orion Ferrari

Maurice Walker

Hey Neal have you seen this?

Austin Windelborn🤔🤔

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Nice new stainless exhaust system recently completed by our team for another special build👌#inhousefabrication #exhaustporn #onestopshopImage attachmentImage attachment

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Nice welding!! Better then other shops that push stuff thru rushed!!


Matt Harrison what yah really after

Thomas Harlen👀

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Be a skid weapon!

Should blank out the number plate, could be a target now

Logan how good is this?

Hamid Ali lux life goals

John let's make Zep take out a second mortgage to do this

Jason Fitzgerald they made my conversion kit finally 😍😍😍😍

Cameron Drescher do it

Jax Fraser


There you go Matt Smith

Haydon Meyers

Sheldon Foster Jarrod Lance luxy eshin

Levi TeAmo Jesus

Amer Mohammad هي الهيلوكس

Video or it didn't happen! 😜

Amagin this haha🤣Malisha Solomon

Munya Zhou

Jaedyn Denize hilux goals?

Nick Roberts fuuuu

PDM wouldn't have been a bad option

TJ Martin new work bus for you...

Any videos of this?

Eru 🔥🔥🔥 need that conversion for the hiace

Could of at least been 4wd 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Steven Orr

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Luke’s sweet little b1600, having a light tune today with a 13b Bridgeport that we have recently built, ready for summer fun👍 #haltechecu #b1600 #ppreImage attachment

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Blair V Banger Richardt

Jay Fox

Aaron Lyall

Victor Meunier Cardinal

Adam Mullin

Hayden Bak

Johan Coertze

Benjamin James Rochebit of you mate👌

Dave Black actual dreams

Oliver Kennedy Ben something......

Wow this is crazy awesome van..

That would be a handful!

She’s a ‘beaut!

Matthew Frost Foley

Thats nice.

what an absolute beauty!!!!

Finn Kingi

Mark Gilbert

Luke Mcgrory

Dayne Weir if tyler let me buy his ute, it could look sick like this 😂

Jeffy Aitken

Nathan Sutherland

Ryan Scott

Bet she’s a blast to drive too 😍😍😍

Oooof. Can the owner let me know colour code?

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Jye Otter

Andy Papavasiliou

Update: Today we fitted the larger turbo, making more power however the fuel system has run out of flow, larger injectors next! Hopefully 8sec passes not to far away

Seb Scully...Not a rotor, but that note is pretty awesome

How much hp

Gavin Stock

Brock Stevenson this looks fun

Tyler Robb

P.P.R.E Pulse Performance Race Engineering (OFFICIAL) what kind of engine build is this? Anymore photos?


Jase Martin

Steveo Cahill

Andy Zilinskas

Greg Wilson

Braden James

Jesse Kinzett😳

Callum Herbison

Gordon RB Stewart Ashley Stewart Dean Faber Simon Jansen Troy Jansen

Tommy Turton almost 600 hp in a corolla 1UZ

Josh Castle wait for it...

Daniel Wilson

Jason Warneford 🤤 this is why I want to turbo mine

Zak Retter the 1 we seen in otaki that day ae

Sam Allen Marc Allen

Matthew Wakeley 600whp at 22psi

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